Distinctively Me (DM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young ladies of color, in under resourced communities, embrace their individuality through creativity, conversation and education. The mission of the organization is to empower girls with the knowledge, skills and support needed to strengthen their social emotional and cultural development, and provide them with the resources and opportunities towards greater personal, social, academic and career success.


Through innovative programs, workshops and events, Distinctively Me provides a safe supportive space for girls of color to speak freely about their thoughts and experiences , create solutions for better outcomes and take action to transform their personal lives and reform their communities.

Creative Arts & Chats are mobile workshops aimed at promoting individuality, creative expression, self-esteem, confidence and critical thinking skills. It is a platform for girls of color to engage in open dialogue about relevant topics while creating artwork that highlights their unique styles. Creative Arts & Chats are available to 7th -12th grade girls. They are facilitated at schools, churches, libraries, hospitals, social service agencies, community centers and special events. Send an email to info@distinctivelyme.org for workshop requests.

Teen TEE (Talk, Educate, Experience) is a year around school program created to help support girls transitioning from 7th grade to college and/or careers. It is a sisterhood that allows participants to have dialogue about issues impacting their generation, share personal experiences and support each other as they face challenges at school and in their private lives. They learn problem-solving skills, goal-setting techniques and effective communication. They also engage in activities that assist them in managing various emotions, impulsive behaviors and risky decisions. 

Freedom & Flow is a summer program focusing on creative expression through writing, performance and other artistic means. The program provides a safe space for girls to share experiences and freely express their feelings. They are also given a platform that empowers them to tell their stories and give a voice to their peers. Through plays, monologues, poetry and other mediums, the intention of DM is to invoke social, cultural, and personal growth and create dialogue and solutions for important issues such as domestic violence, depression, bullying, and negative imagery among other important issues.


Our purpose is to strengthen the healthy growth and development of young women of color as they transition into womanhood.

Our vision is to reinforce the narrative that women of color are confident, powerful, and innovative thinkers, leaders, and game changers.

CORE VALUES - Positive Self-Perception, INNER HARMONY, Creative Expression, HONESTY, Sisterhood


South Holland, IL 60473

P: (708) 730-2340
E: info@distinctivelyme.org